15 Objects to Create Your Own Cabinet of Curiosities

Curiouser and curiouser…We’re taking it back, way back, to the 19th century, when cabinets of curiosities were a prized feature in the Victorian home. From the bizarre to the beautiful and even scientific, we’ve discovered 15 objects that will fill your abode with out-of-the-ordinary charm.
  1. Golden Smile

    Photo by Beetle & Flor
    The wily coyote keeps his gold-toothed grin, even though his roadrunner-chasing days are long gone. This porcelain skull version means you can rest easy, knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this killer decor accessory.

    SHOP NOW: Porcelain and 14k-gold coyote skull, $175, Beetle and Flor, Etsy.com
  2. Pretty Bird

    Photo by Rejuvenation
    Feel like Alice in Wonderland and take a good look at yourself in this curious little mirror that stands tall on gilded duck feet, but is guaranteed not to run away.

    SHOP NOW: Tabletop mirror with mallard feet, $149, Rejuvenation.com
  3. Sweet Like Honey

    Photo by ABC Home
    Key components within a cabinet of curiosities are intriguing elements that occur in nature. While this wasp comb is a beautifully designed object created by little flying beasts, the artist has added geometric shards of glass for added texture and originality.

    SHOP NOW: Small wasp comb, $450, LBK Studio, ABCHome.com
  4. Bag of Bones

    Photo by ZGallerie
    While a Victorian-era cabinet would host genuine bones, we’re suggesting a petit bronze skeleton for a scientific touch that’s high on design.

    SHOP NOW: Faux bronze skeleton, $170, ZGallerie.com
  5. Finding Flora

    Photo by Terrain
    First created for school children in 19th-century Germany and made popular during the 1960s, these roll-down educational charts showcase the ins and outs of beautiful botanicals. 

    SHOP NOW: Rosa Canina botanical chart, $268, ShopTerrain.com
  6. Golden Species

    Photo by Target
    Win the race to great interior style with this tortoiseshell-shaped box done up in gold; it’s ideal for holding your favorite trinkets. 

    SHOP NOW: Gold tortoise box, $20, Nate Berkus, Target.com
  7. The Bird’s the Word

    Photo by Linens N' Things
    While we think the use of taxidermy birds within a room is an unexpected and wow-worthy element, try this faux peacock variety that will have the same impact in your home as you stay in the good graces of the animal kingdom.

    SHOP NOW: Life-size Regal Peacock decoration, $196, LNT.com
  8. Lip Service

    Photo by Kelly Wearstler
    Play kissy-face with this rose quartz lip sculpture, which can act as a tabletop accent or cheeky paperweight at work. 

    SHOP NOW: Classic Little Kiss in rose quartz, $795, KellyWearstler.com
  9. Beetle Juice

    Photo by Oscar de la Renta
    Thought to offer creative energy, especially within the ancient Egyptian culture, try adding a little beetle juju to your home with this brass rendition of the creepy crawler.

    SHOP NOW: Beetle paperweight, $95, OscarDeLaRenta.com
  10. Rock Steady

    Photo by Beam
    Whether it consists of decor magazines or recipe books, hold your literature collection in place with these colorful agate bookends. 

    SHOP NOW: Agate bookends, $125, Beam.com
  11. Head Space

    Photo by Urban Outfitters
    If you’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind, you’ll love this glistening gold skull bank that’s just the right amount of macabre.

    SHOP NOW: Gold skull bank, $25, UrbanOutfitters.com
  12. Egg-static

    Photo by Terrain
    Perfect for springtime, these little frosted-glass quail eggs will nest neatly around your home for a sweet display of wildlife. 

    SHOP NOW: Frosted-glass quail egg, $6, ShopTerrain.com
  13. Bookish Type

    Photo by Taschen
    Take inspiration from this comprehensive 18th-century archive featuring the studied notes and renderings of Dutch zoologist Albertus Seba’s collected specimens.

    SHOP NOW:Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, $40, Albertus Seba, Taschen.com
  14. Blue Mood

    Photo by Wayfair
    Skip the plain white coral and go for a colorful porcelain version that pops -- this large textural sculpture will look great displayed in your bookcase. 

    SHOP NOW: Blue coral sculpture, $50, Two's Company, Wayfair.com
  15. Creature Capture

    Photo by Restoration Hardware
    Once believed to be the magical horn of a unicorn, the narwhal tusk became the most prized possession of a 16th-century-collector’s cabinet. Give your home a stately vibe by arranging a small collection of resin replicas upon your mantel. 

    SHOP NOW: Narwhal tusks, from $99 each, RestorationHardware.com