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"Why I Love My Neighborhood"

Overhead view of a suburban neighborhood
Photo: iStock
Thinking about moving? Get the inside scoop on 16 great towns from the people who actually live there.

Just as you wouldn't enroll at a school without first taking a tour, or book a vacation before browsing online hotel reviews, moving to a brand-new neighborhood requires a little recon. (How else would you know where to get the best pizza or coffee or craft beer?) That's why we decided to survey a few hip locals around the country for their insider intel. Hailing from eternally cool cities (think Seattle and San Fran) to under-the-radar gems (Asheville, anyone?), these residents' collective knowledge might just inspire you to get packing. Click on the maps below to get the scoop from those in the know—and then browse local listings from Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

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