Nestie Bedroom Makeovers

  1. Check out the before and after pics from Nesties who took their bedrooms from drab to fab!
  2. Hawaiibride04 Before

    From stuck in neutral...
  3. Hawaiibride04 After

    To bursting with blue and green!

    Turn your bedroom into your own personal space!
  4. 2bemrs.hendrix Before

    From barely there...
  5. 2bemrs.hendrix After

  6. AfterAll Before

    From a floral fantasy...
  7. AfterAll After

  8. Collrob2101 Before

    From not quite there...
  9. Collrob2101 After

  10. G&D Before

    From spare bunks....
  11. G&D After

  12. JenJen1761 Before

    From blank canvas...
  13. JenJen1761 After

  14. Jenmorris Before

    From in the raw...
  15. Jenmorris After

  16. Jjenkins: Before

    From furniture as the focal point...
  17. Jjenkins: After

  18. KatieMae Before

    From dark and gloomy...
  19. KatieMae After

  20. Lauryn216 Before

    From stark white...
  21. Lauryn216 After

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