Top 10 Craft Room Tips From Nesties

craft room
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  1. Punch Up a Peg Board

    Nesties weigh in on easy style solutions for any home decor dilemma.

    Mrs_Mam uses this cheery painted pegboard to store her stray bits and bobs.

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  2. Mag-neato Small storage

    Vmdesigns' cute stainless-steel magnetic containers keep tiny hardware close at hand.

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  3. Shabby Chic

    HollyLuv spruced up this cheap HomeGoods desk with a coat of paint. The scrapbook-paper wall art and blue desk organizer (originally a tiered herb holder) were both DIY projects.

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  4. DIY Desk

    Gatorhightowers' husband Mike built this awesome desk (it's a Pottery Barn knockoff). They built this and decked out the entire room for a fraction of what the original desk cost.

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  5. Recycled Decor

    Only Andy Warhol could make a Campbell's soup can look better. Gatorhightowers transformed empty cans into cute desktop containers.

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  6. Fake a Vintage Look

    Create a delicate vintage vibe like jannypie by distressing a store-bought bulletin board.

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  7. DIY Light Box

    Vmdesigns' husband is crafty too! He created this light box for her project photo shoots.

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  8. From Cupcakes to Crafts

    T&A4eva made good use of her rusty kitchen gear by turning this old muffin tin into playful, convenient storage.

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  9. Knock It Off!

    Like Gatorhightowers, Bichonmom got inspired by the Pottery Barn catalog. She crafted this unique wall-hanging/storage system combo on the cheap.

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  10. Vertically Inclined

    Lauranne's vertical storage keeps her desk clutter-free…and makes for stylish wall decor!

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