19th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

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Bronze – which represents communication, as it is often used in items like bells and cymbals – is the traditional gift of the thirteenth wedding anniversary. Here is your complete guide to the nineteenth wedding anniversary!


1. Bronze-colored flowers: Flowers in bronze and bronze-like hues, include mums, bronze calla lilies, bronze orchids and brown hydrangeas.

2. A vase: Fill a bronze vase with your sweetie's favorite blooms.

3. A candelabra: Imagine how romantic your anniversary dinner will be cast in candlelight.

4. Bronze wine award: Crack open a bottle of vino that's won this prestigious award.

5. Bronze sculpture: An art-loving spouse will appreciate such a thoughtful, chic gift – and so will you!

6. Get bronzed: Book your beach vacay now – and bring sunscreen!

7. Bronzing makeup palette: Give her the gift of a year-round glow. A bronzing kit from her favorite makeup brand is just right.

8. Baby shoes: Have his (or her) baby shoes bronzed as a sentimental surprise.

9. Bronze leather handbag: This is a gift no woman can deny she wants!

10. Designer sunglasses: Get your S.O. a pair with bronze frames, bronze-tinted lenses – or both!

11. Belt buckle: For a guy who loves to wear big, showy belt buckles, get him one in handsome bronze.

12. Bronze home accessories: Whether it's a metal knick-knack or simply a bronze colored throw, a touch of metallic in the home is tre sophisticated!

13. Money clip: Forget the standard silver; bronze is way more original – just like your better half.

14.Pocket watch: He'll love to carry a vintage piece in distressed bronze in his pocket – and show it off to his friends.

15.Candlesticks: A pair of bronze candlesticks will set the stage for a classy, romantic meal.

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.

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