Offbeat Date Ideas

couple hiking
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Marathon Training
Break out of your normal dinner-and-being-couch-potatoes date routine and start training together. We recommend the Rocky Theme Song (aka “Gonna Fly Now") to get you two inspired.

Get your butts off the sofa and do some volunteer work together. It's a great way to bond while doing something worthwhile. Carry that euphoric feel-good vibe home and get charitable between the sheets.

Even for couples living in a city, a wooded area or hiking trail is almost always within a 30-minute drive. Pack your hiking boots or a comfortable pair of sneakers, two large bottles of water and a small snack (unless you'll be hiking all day, in which case, go all out with sandwiches). Find trails near you on

Street or County Fair
Whether it's a pie bake-off on a farm or a falafel stand in the city, street and county fairs are great places to sample food and soak up the local flavor. During the holiday season, check out craft fairs too. You just might find some cool gifts.

Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world (think: the middle of the forest or top of the Empire State Building) and pinpoint its location using GPS technology, and then share the geocache's location online. All you need to get started are a GPS device and the whereabouts of a “treasure" listed on the website.

Say OM!
Want to get primed for some serious bedroom acrobatics? Take a couples yoga class and learn new ways to bend.

Nighttime Paintball
Darkness adds an air of intrigue to the already adrenaline-pumping game, and the postgame shower is not to be taken alone.

Roughing it can be fun…and c'mon, it's only 48 hours. Pack a sleeping bag for two, marshmallows and chocolate for s'mores, and get out of town for the weekend. Give the BlackBerry some well-deserved time off!

Pick Each Other's Scents
What could be sexier than smelling good for each other? Hit up Sephora and the men's cologne section of a department store to sample and choose new signature scents for one another. Remember: this is your chance to get rid of his Cool Water!

Choose Your Own Adventure
In the mood for a new experience, but not sure if you want to go white water rafting or hot air ballooning? Check out, where you can search by region, price, and type – the categories here range from “air" to “water and snow" – to find truly adventurous dates that suit your style.

DJ Lessons
This one's a twofer: not only will you two learn how to spin on turntables and mix your own beats, you'll be able to provide the entertainment at your next party. Visit to learn more.