Inside the Beach-y Brooklyn Home Office of Eskayel

eskayel fabric in office
Step inside the beach-inspired offices of textile designers Eskayel.

eskayel drafting desk

Enter the Brooklyn-based headquarters of Eskayel, where the husband-wife duo of Shanan Campanaro and Nick Chacona turn their inspiration into dreamy prints. With a very beach-y vibe, the studio space is light, bright and with pops of pale grays and blues and completely calming. Take a peek inside:

eskayel fabric on couch

Eskayel is all about surface design and their incredible prints: pillows, bedding, wallpaper and art prints have all been inspired by the ocean. "I try to get my inspirations outside of the design world and outside of the city. I really look to nature," says Campanaro. She continues, "I try to recreate the way it feels to watch a beautiful sunset or how it would feel if you found yourself in a dark forest under a blanket of stars. I want to capture how it feels to be in the most epically, naturally beautiful surroundings and bring the outside world inside our homes."

eskayel office team

Campanaro and Chacona in their home office space. When asked if there was a particular moment that influenced her decision to become a textile designer: "I always loved textiles but when I first started designing patterns it was with wallpaper because the production method was easier to figure out. It was much harder to find a printer for textiles and there was a larger learning curve for production, but once I figured it all out we moved forward with no second thoughts," she says.

glass desk and flatfiles

A simple glass desk keeps the space open while prints and samples are kept organized in a large flat file cabinet. The textile brand only uses eco-friendly materials and treatments for their products, which Campanaro says is the greatest challenge when designing in the commercial sector.

dining table with flowers in office

Photographs of the designers travels flank the walls of the office and show the clear inspiration for her watercolor-like prints. A simple dining table topped with pale glass vases and found objects continues with the beach-y feeling of the Wiliamsburg space.

blue paper lantern over table

"My favorite piece in my home/studio is my Akimbo Eskayel rug. It's the most expensive, out of our realm object, I have ever owned and it's only due to my rug partnership with Doris Leslie Blau, that I have it. It's very, very subtle but has so much depth," says the designer.

leather sling chair with pink fabric

Design tip: When looking to add color to a neutral space, color block your books for organization and pop!

dog on sheepskin in eskayel office

bed with eskayel duvet cover

The bedroom is often the most important room in the home but Campanaro says, "I think light is really important. It's wonderful to have a lot of natural, bright light flooding in during the day and at night. I also think it's nice to have low, warm light provided from floor lamps to create a relaxing cozy feeling." Their bedroom area is definitely that with sheer curtains to allow as much natural light in as possible.

minimalist eskayel office space

Does the design duo have any home trend predictions for the upcoming year? "I'm not sure what everyone else has planned but we will be going kind of dark with more deep blues and blacks mixed with some contrast-y blacks and whites for early 2015 (the theme is the deep blue sea - still the beach!"

Photos by Tom Rauner

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