Sure, Opposites Attract, But Do They Last?

A new dating site has us wondering: is it better to date your opposite?

A new dating site that's popped up begs this very question-- are your chances for a long-term relationship better with your opposite than with someone more similar to you?

The online dating site bases their matching technique on the old credo “opposites attract." It works under the assumption that couples who are very different from each other can challenge each other and are better off in the long run. Diane Lykes, a couples and relationship therapist and contributor for the site, says that those who don't share the same views or interests learn to respect each other's differences from the very beginning while more similar couples might be shocked to learn about core differences later on.

Lykes sees the site as a way to connect two different people in an exciting new way. “By taking a different road, we are hoping to give people a chance to experience something new and different in their lives."

The tricky part? How you find an “opposite match" and what that really means (read: the makings of a combustible relationship.) For instance, pairing a Whopper fan with a Big Mac lover -- an actual survey question from the site -- seems trivial compared with teaming a staunch republican with an affirmed liberal. I mean, c'mon, you both like burgers.

And, we have to admit the idea of intentionally seeking out your opposite throws us for a loop. It just seems like it would lead to so many fights (and headaches!) from the start. We will say this: It certainly wouldn't be boring.

Nesties, we wanna hear from you! What do you think of intentionally looking for your opposite match? Did you fall in love with your opposite or would you say that you and your partner are very similar? Tell us below!