Organization Tip of the Day: Tidy Up Your Linen Closet With Baskets

100 days of organization
Photo: Carlee Scanlon Dodson

Between towels, knick-knacks and your never-ending supply of hair products, it's easy for this tiny closet space to become a mess. The solution? Organize everything into baskets with labels.

How to do it:

  • Gather baskets of varying shapes and sizes that will fit easily on your closet shelves.
  • Trace an index card with a circle stencil and cut out.
  • Then trace a larger circle stencil on the back side of a paint sample and cut it out.
  • Glue the smaller white circle onto the larger paint sample and punch with the hole punch.
  • Add ribbon and use gold pen to label your items.

Expert tip:

Remove the liners from existing (or new!) baskets to give them a more rustic feel.

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