How to Organize in 20 Minutes (or Less)!

It may be hard to believe you got to this point-—piles of clutter, crammed closets and overflowing drawers—so here's how to get organized in a cinch. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking...
  1. If you have 30 seconds...

    Sharpen Up Knife Storage
    Make your kitchen safer and help knives keep their edge by storing them in a knife drawer. Catch-all drawers are really only good for one thing—hiding what you’re looking for. Keep sharp knives separate for safety and easy access.

    Contain Plastic Bags
    Contain all those empty grocery bags in a plastic bag container to clean up the space under your kitchen sink and keep them at your fingertips for reuse. Find yours at

    Untangle Jewelry
    Put brooches and clips in an unused ice tray then place in a bureau drawer. The key here is to see and separate. You’ll be more inclined to wear what you know you have and can quickly grab.

    Store Toilet Paper
    Stash extra toilet paper quickly by stacking insidea clear cylinder vase or umbrella stand for a clean, modern look in the bathroom.

    Take Control of the Remote
    Toss all your remote controls in a pretty vase that will help to camouflage without hiding them from view. Keep it bythe TV—because we all hate playing that game of "Who had it last?"

  2. If you have 1 minute...

    Organize Under the Sink
    Stick adhesive hooks (found at your local hardware store) to hang a pair of rubber dish gloves in the cabinet under a sink. Your manicure will thank us later.

    Add Hooks in the Garage
    Hang your bikes on the wall? Check-plus for being one step ahead! Now hammer a nail nearby for your helmet. No more lost time spent looking for it when you could be outside cruising.

    Use a Lazy Susan
    Sick of struggling to reach the chili powder in the back of the cabinet every time you cook? Put all your condiments on a lazy Susan in your cabinet. Our favorite is from

    Style the Countertop
    Instantly give your countertop style an upgrade with a cake stand to contain salt, pepper, olive oil and frequently used seasonings.

    Store Loose Batteries
    Gather 'em up and rubberband all your batteries with the positive ends facing the same direction.

    Color Code the Closet
    It seems so simple but try organizing by color; it will instantly give the appearance of neatness.

  3. If you have 10 minutes...

    Divide and Conquer Shoes
    Separate his and her shoes and then group by style: high heels together, tennis shoes on the bottom and flats on a shelf. Put any of your special occasion shoes at the back of your closet.

    Maintain the Mantel
    Take control of clutter and group like colors and objects on your mantel. If you make it look pretty, you can get away with leaving out your junk.

    Rearrange the Cabinet
    In the kitchen, tackle one cabinet at a time and sort its contents. Group glasses by style and place upside down. Layer a nonskid liner first for bonus points! If you have tall cabinets, use a tray as a shelf divider to stack glasses on top of each other in layers.

    Store More Under the Bed
    Take a moment to neatly fold blankets stored in plastic under your bed. You’ll be able to store way more things and also quickly grab a throw so you can get back to cozying up on the couch pronto.

    Find the Fuse Box
    Think ahead and prepare now. Simply attach a magnet to a flashlight and place on a metal fuse box, so next time the lights go out, you won’t be fumbling to find the switch.

  4. If you have 20 minutes...

    Clean the Home Office
    With the computer off, turn keyboard upside down and shake out any crumbs. Dust computer monitor with electronic wipes, eye glass cleaning cloth or even a used dryer sheet. Dust keys with an air duster or a small, clean paint brush.

    Store the Gas Grill
    Detach the grill from the tank and move it indoors, but leave the propane tank outside-—it isn't affected by the outdoor temperatures.

    Display Jewelry
    A sculptural display, framed foam core or a bust are all perfect for necklaces because they will keep tangles at bay. For rings, use pretty teacups, small bowls or saucers that have lost their mate.

    File Keepsakes
    Organize knickknacks and mementos within keepsake boxes. Put those empty chocolate and tea tins you're saving to good use and fill with letters, sea shells, theater programs, ticket stubs and matchbooks.

    Trick Out a Tea Towel
    Attach a couple more towel rods behind the bathroom door in a stacking formation for extra storage without taking over the bathroom.