Our Most Ridiculous Fight

Every couple has those fights that seem ridiculous and silly in retrospect. Check out what some Nesties own up to arguing about.

“We fought about how many times a toilet should be flushed in a day. This was a serious, ridiculous, give-the-silent-treatment kind of argument." --LOISSA

“I was chopping tomatoes for dinner and my husband thought I was doing it wrong. I finished cooking dinner and he refused to eat it. Instead, he ordered pizza with every single topping I don't like." --COURT&JOHN

“It was over a T-shirt. 'Nuff said. A T-shirt!" --AIM7896

“We got into a fight while assembling the furniture in our new house. If we made it through that, we'll make it through anything!" --AUBREYDUB

“Once we fought because he said that I love my cat too much. Now we fight over who the cat loves more." --CHRISTINASPAQ

“While watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, we got into a ridiculous argument about whether or not they would really have baptized him in a kiddie pool." --CHGRITMON

“Whether or not to tuck in the sheets at the end of the bed -- every time I make the bed, I tuck them in, and every night, he untucks them." --KDTULLY

“We had a standoff for almost a week to see who would give in first and finally buy toilet paper. For the record, I won." --STEVE+MEL

“How to pronounce Cameron Diaz's name. I said 'Dee-oz' and he insisted it was 'Dee-as.' Who cares? I didn't speak to him for the rest of the night." --MCNAM002

“Baby names." --JODI21HARBUR

What are some of your most ridiculous fights? Share below!