Outdoor Date Ideas

couple holding hands outside
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Free Concerts

Check your local paper or its website for upcoming free concerts. For shows in the park, pack a picnic basket and blanket so you can dance and dine in the same place.

Even for city-dwellers, a wooded area or hiking trail is almost always within a 30-minute drive. Pack your hiking boots or a comfortable pair of sneakers, two large bottles of water, and a small snack (unless you'll be hiking all day, in which case, go all out with sandwiches). Find trails near you on Trails.com.

Street or County Fair
Whether it's a pie bake-off on a farm or a falafel stand in the city, street and county fairs are great places to sample food and soak up the local flavor. You just might find some cool gifts.

Marathon Training
Break out of your normal dinner-and-being-couch-potatoes date routine and start training together. We recommend the Rocky theme song (aka “Gonna Fly Now") to get you two inspired. Bonus: The endorphin rush is also a turn-on.

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Miniature Golf
Bust out your competitive side and challenge each other to a few rounds of mini golf. Make fun bets, but do not try to climb inside the windmill on the tenth hole!

Make like a tourist and see all of the local attractions -- from the historical to the kitschy – your hometown has to offer. Been there, done that? Head to an ethnic neighborhood (or even a local Chinese restaurant) and experience the cuisines and cultures in your own backyard.

Roughing it can be fun…and c'mon, it's only 48 hours. Pack a sleeping bag for two, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for s'mores, and get out of town for the weekend. Give the BlackBerry some well-deserved time off!

Amusement Park
Remember how much fun it was to go to Six Flags as a kid? It's even better as an adult because you're tall enough for all of the rides. Cling to each other on roller coasters and hit up the carnival games so you can win that giant stuffed elephant for your spouse.

Are you an adventurous duo? Square off against your honey on the field and burn off energy (or, if you're feeling merciful, pair up with your sweetie against another team).

Horseback Riding
Find a local farm or equestrian school near you and book a couple of rides through the countryside.

If you live near a marina, chances are you can rent a boat for a day and go for a sail. If you're not the sailing type, get a speedboat and learn to water ski. Hint: Pack a picnic!

Choose Your Own Adventure
In the mood for a new experience, but not sure if you want to go white-water rafting or hot air ballooning? Check out Cloud9Living.com, where you can search by region, price, and type – the categories here range from “air" to “water and snow" – to find truly adventurous dates that suit your style.