New Couples’ Craze: Paddle Board Yoga!

paddle board yoga
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I've just gotten wind of what might be one of the best couples' workout routines ever: paddle board yoga. Think about it: It's perfect way to get him to do yoga while you show him you're down to try surfing! (Kinda.) Now before you pile up on me, I know, I know: Some guys are into yoga and some girls love to ride the waves. But it's still a super fun way to combine a very physical activity with something more spiritual — and get yourselves in swimsuit shape while having a blast together in the great outdoors.

Here's how it works: You actually have to wait till surf's down, not up. Paddle boarding is in the surfing family, but the boards are meant to be ridden on calm, still water — not waves. In addition to standing on the paddle board, you do low-impact strength-training exercises, like squats, push-ups, lunges and, of course, yoga poses. Like a stability ball, the paddle board forces you to keep your balance the entire time, so you work a a large majority of the muscles in your body.

But unless you're an experienced paddle boarder, it's highly recommended that the two of you join a paddle board yoga class, for a variety of obvious safety reasons. So Google paddle board yoga classes in your area!

Would you try paddle board yoga with your dude?

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