6 Fun Things to Do With Peeps!

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit -- Peeps are pretty darn cute. And even though they’re essentially just sugar and marshmallow, we admit to eating a few (or few hundred) in our lifetime. But did you know you can do more with these treats? And no, we’re not just talking about food…
  1. Yummy Peepsicles

    It’s true -- Peeps are even more delicious frozen, especially covered in chocolate. Seriously, you won’t feel bad biting these guys’ ears off.

    Tip: You can even keep them in the freezer for up to a week (as long as they’re in an airtight container).

    Get the recipe here >
  2. Totally Cute Tote Bag

    Need to whip up some goodie bags on the cheap? (No pun intended.) Use Peeps as stamps. Just don’t eat them afterward.

    Tip: If you want to expand your choice of paint colors, you can make acrylic paint suitable for printing on fabrics by mixing it with fabric paint medium -- about 1 part fabric medium to 2 parts paint.

    You will need:

    Pencil and paper

    Peeps, any color or shape

    Cotton tote bag, prewashed and ironed

    1 piece cardboard, small enough to fit inside the tote but large enough to cover your entire design

    Fabric paint, any and as many colors as you’d like

    Shallow dish(es) or bowl(s)

    Small paintbrush


    1. Using the pencil and paper, make a sketch ahead of time to plan your print design.

    2. Separate the Peeps carefully to preserve their shape and choose the ones with the most distinct outlines to use for making prints.

    3. Place the tote bag on a flat surface and slide the cardboard inside to keep the paint from soaking through.

    4. Pour the fabric paint into a shallow dish, or dishes if using multiple colors.

    5. Dip the front side of one of your Peeps in paint and coat. Make a few test prints ahead of time, so you can get a feel for how thickly you should coat the Peeps with the paint. To print on the fabric, place Peeps, paint side down, onto the tote and press gently. Lift off carefully. Touch up the print with the paintbrush, if necessary, and add eyes and noses using black paint.

    6. Repeat the process as desired. The Peeps should each make several prints.

    7. Let the tote dry for 24 hours before using.

    Makes 1 tote

  3. Fun Cupcake Toppers

    These cupcakes may be super-easy to make, but they’ll look like you tried way too hard. (We think that’s a good thing.)

    Tip: You can leave out the zest for plain cupcakes (yes, even easier), and you can double the recipe for parties.

    Check out the recipe >

  4. Stylish Spring Centerpiece

    Who knew Peeps could be so chic? Your dinner guests will adore the little Peeps, um, peeping through the vase.

    You will need:

    1 large glass vase, preferably with a large mouth and a clean, modern shape

    1 thinner vase that fits inside the large vase, leaving at least 1 inch of room on all sides

    Cut, big-blossomedflowers such as Easter lilies, peonies or hyacinths

    10 to 20 Peeps Chicks or Bunnies per quart of vase volume, any color


    1. Fill the smaller vase with a few inches of water. Carefully place the small vase inside the large vase and arrange the cut flowers in the smaller vase.

    2. Fill the space between the small vase and the large vase with Peeps, arranging them so that they face outward and hide the smaller vase.

    Makes 1 centerpiece

  5. Cute Cookie Nests

    These cookie nests, aka coconut macaroons, are great not only as dessert but also as table decorations. Plus, you can eat half the bag of jelly beans while the nests bake! (Or not...just a suggestion.)

    Get the recipe >

  6. Pretty Place-Card Holders

    Who said place-card holders had to be so formal? Make these cute holders to let your guests know just where to sit; then, ya know, your guests can eat them. Bonus!

    You will need:


    White or cream-colored card stock or heavy paper

    Black, brown, or metallic silver or gold pen

    Decorations, such as Peeps foam craft stickers from Darice (optional)

    Paring knife or serrated utility knife

    8 Peeps Chicks, any color


    1. Cut eight 2”x3.5” rectangles out of the card stock and write each guest’s name on a card. Decorate as you like.

    2. With a sharp knife, make a slice on the back of each Chick’s head just behind the eyes, across the entire width and about a half-inch deep.

    3. Pinch the sides of each Chick’s head to open the gap and insert a place card. The sticky marshmallow will hold the cards securely.

    4. Place a Chick place-card holder in the center of each plate, or at the head of each place setting if you’d prefer.

    Makes 8 place-card holders

    Check out the Peeps! book by Charity Ferreira for more fun craft and recipe ideas.