Pick a Wine for Any Occasion

Did you know the average Nestie spends $10.50 on a bottle of wine? Find out how you can pick the perfect bottle as a couple for all of your cork-popping occasions.

Special Occasions

Birthday: Celebrate with a bottle from the year they were born. Or at least make it one of their favorites. Here's a tip for remembering: Snap a photo with your phone when you have a bottle you both enjoy.

Anniversary: Return to a wine that you served at your wedding. Or buy a wine from the year you were married and put it in the cellar. Break it out five years from now.

Promotion: This calls for something bold and powerful. We vote for a high end red. Try a wine with status like a Barolo, Grand Cru Burgundy or Rioja Gran Reserva. Have two bottles ready to break-out 'cause this is a big occasion.

Dinner Date at Home: The plans call for a cozy night in. You still need to rely on the right bottle. Now's the time to try something different. Go fruity with Rioja Crianza or dry with Hermann Wiemer Dry Riesling.

European winemakers label bottles by region, not grapes. Here's a cheat sheet to the most famous red wine producers.

Region: Bordeaux, France
Grapes: A blend of red grapes including Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

Region: Burgundy, France
Grape: Pinot Noir (White Burgundies are made of Chardonnay)

Region: Beaujolais, France
Grape: Gamay

Region: Chianti, Italy
Grape: Sangiovese

Region: Rioja, Spain Grape: Tempranillo

Lasting Impressions

Dinner with the Parents: Grab a bottle with a story—maybe it's a red you picked up while traveling through Australia. Share a memory from your trip and explain why you've waited to share it with them.

Housewarming Gift: The burning question is what's an acceptable giftable. The goal: a memorable pick that won't necessarily break the bank. The answer: Xlibris Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006.

Mother's Day Brunch: Toast mom with something sweet and beautiful. Pick a rosé or a light, aromatic white.

Party Time

Party: Select an easy-drinking red or white. Berger makes a Gruner Veltliner (white) and Zwiegelt (red) in one-liter bottles. They'll last longer. Bonus: One liter =$14. Don't underestimate the organic box of wine either!

Winter Holiday: No matter what you're serving, make sure you've got the perfect full vino for a special occasion. Trust us, you can't strike out with a hearty Washington State Cabernet.

Backyard Barbeque: Got burgers and dogs on the grill? Sure, serve your beers and spiked lemonade, but make room for the vino, too. Play it safe and choose a low-alcohol wine, like a Rosé from Provence.

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