3 New Ways Pinterest Can Help You Decorate Your Home

Photo: Domaine
You won’t believe what you can do with these new features on Pinterest.

This February, Pinterest announced three new products—Pinterest Lens, Shop the Look and Instant Ideas—that will completely change the way you explore home decor and design. Whether you're looking for some lust worthy home inspo, a few new decor pieces, or just to update your feed with more personalized content, these tools will make all the difference.


Lens offers a new way to search using your cell phone camera. Just take a photo of anything that inspires you—a cool new chair at your local boutique, your friend's dining room table or even the clock on your bedroom wall—and Lens will give you recommendations for similar objects, plus ways to bring the look to life. And when you take a picture of that cool chair, Lens will show you room decor ideas with similar chairs. How fun is that?!


Shop the Look is a new way to shop and buy products you see inside home decor Pins. Let's say a picture shows up in your feed of a beautiful white bed stacked with fuzzy fur pillows and a big chunky blanket. Just tap the blue circle on that fluffy throw and Pinterest will give you recommendations for similar blankets you can buy on Pinterest or from a brand. It even works in reverse. Let's say you're searching through Buyable Pins and find an adorable duvet cover, Shop the Look will show you how other people have styled that duvet in their own bedrooms!


Instant Ideas fills your home feed with new Pins with just a simple tap. If you find yourself on someone's amazingly curated bedroom board and are loving the blush pink theme they've got going on, instantly update your feed with similar ideas by tapping the circle in the bottom right corner of that bedroom and your home feed becomes instantly more personalized. From then on, you'll see even more of what you're interested in.