How to Plan a Midweek Romantic Staycation

breakfast in bed
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File this one under "totally possible." Escape the humdrum reality of your daily life and "get away" with a mid-week staycation.

Can't remember the last time you and your honey really got away? If a real-life vacay is nowhere on the horizon (sorry, staring at beachy screen savers doesn't count), read on. We'll show you how to press pause on a grueling workweek and emerge refreshed, recharged, and totally in tune with your man.

Book It
Can't call in sick even when you're, well, sick? We get it -- us either! But we bet you can carve out two hours for a (cough) doctor's appointment on a Wednesday morning -- a notorious dead zone in the weekly lineup. First, check your man's schedule to make sure he's on board. Next, run it by higher-ups just to be sure you won't miss anything urgent at work. Finally, ink it -- and start experiencing the benefits right away. Chances are, having something to look forward to will put a spring in your step and make you work more efficiently now.

Set the Scene
Hit the grocery store Tuesday evening and load up on the makings for a great continental breakfast (croissants, OJ, and a fancy jam or two). Track down a pretty serving/breakfast-in-bed tray now, so all you'll need to do in the a.m. is switch on the coffeemaker. Hit the bathroom next, tucking all clutter out of sight and arranging votive candles (and maybe some fresh flowers) around the tub. Bedside, lay out bathrobes, slippers, and a travel candle or two. Be creative. The idea is to mimic five-star hotel accoutrements without the sticker shock.

Make It Happen
On Wednesday morning, get up at your regular time. But instead of rushing through your normal routine, draw yourself a relaxing bath. Have him join you, or set him up with breakfast in bed and tell him you'll meet him there. Let your fingers prune in the tub. The whole point is to act (and feel) as if you have all the time in the world. Towel off and join your guy in bed, but don't feel pressure to get it on right away. Remember, this is about unplugging from the rest of the world and plugging in to each other; if that means sharing a section of the New York Times, so be it.

Then, make that happen too
Just do it. Put the hump back in hump day. There, we said it. But relax, we'll resist giving you specific directions on this one. The only rule is -- it's mandatory. Trust us, when you arrive at work with skin aglow and a wicked little twinkle in your eye, people will suspect you've spent the morning spa-ing. But we think a stolen morning between the sheets beats a parrafin-pedi any day of the week.