Pros and Cons of Traveling with Couple Friends

group of hikers
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Vacationing with friends can make the experience more fun as the two of you won’t be trapped one-on-one the entire time. Read on for the pros (and fixes to potential cons).

Pro: Vacation versatility.

Traveling with couple buddies widens your options because you can always split up. If you can't convince your beloved to come see the world's biggest beach ball, your adventurous pal might be more interested.

Con: Little fights go long distances.
When a dispute arises, it tends to resonate for a while. If you're lucky enough to resolve the issue quickly, be prepared for it to echo later: “Remember the last trip we took with them? Sara was such a pain about eating anything other than hamburgers."

Pro: The wisdom of crowds.
More people means more arms to flag down cabs, more brains to figure out the map, and more eyes to spot a teensy restaurant sign.

Con: The inconvenience of crowds.
Sometimes it's less complicated to be a pair rather than a group. For instance, it's much easier to get a table for two than for six. Plan to have at least a few solo excursions, but position them as “romantic time" so no one gets offended.

Pro: You'll put your best face forward...usually.
With friends around, you're more likely to be on your best behavior, which will create a much more positive vibe. After all, they haven't taken any vows to love you forever.

Con: That “usually."

Not everyone tries his or her hardest to remain chill under all circumstances. Beware the chronically cranky diva—especially on late afternoons when you've all been on your feet for hours and haven't eaten since breakfast.