Real Couple Home Tour: LA Living

A pup-loving couple blends East Coast sophistication with Hollywood heat in their haven in the Hills.
  1. The Couple

    As Jonathan Adler's design assistant, Hannah Brand knew she could fall in love with magazine writer Robert Moritz after she saw his place in New York City's West Village. "I couldn't have been with someone who had a bad apartment," she says. His vintage modern aesthetic (lots of browns!) pleased her and from there on out, Robert welcomed her and her Yorkie, Apples, in. Luckily for Hannah, his French Bulldog, Ruby, approved.When it became clear that these two and their hounds needed more space, they all relocated to Los Angeles where the humans of the pack began Puppies and Babies, a shop of all-things adorably chic (all designed by Hannah), and settled into a house where their style, and furry sidekicks alike, could stretch out. This new home, tucked away in the Franklin Canyon neighborhood—a nearly-forgotten-about pocket of Beverly Hills—brims with a fun and elegant character that could only have been born here.

    Since the house has extra bedrooms, and because Hannah "has a bee in her bonnet" about televisions being visible in real living rooms, this upstairs space became a hideout of chocolate walls with creamy upholsteries and touches of fierce Kelly Wearstler-inspired yellows and oranges—where the flat-screen could reside. Its coziness makes this the favored room for lounging, and the spot where guests (and pups) prefer to hang. For the most part, Hannah and Robert agree on style. She likes his witty sensibility and quirky aesthetic. "I just have the confidence to take it a little further," she says.

  2. The Specs

    Style: Two-story Spanish-style stucco

    Built: 1939

    Square Feet: 1,800

    Bedrooms: 3

    Baths: 2.5

    Garage: 1.5

    Dog not included

  3. The Bedroom

    Living and working together puts Hannah as the Creative Director of this twosome, and Robert, the purveyor of all needs technical. While she spends time at flea markets and the day-to-day managing of Puppies and Babies, Robert focuses on things like building furniture for the office they share, where he spends most of the days writing. "We don't really have much personal space," Robert says. So they've divided it this way: Hannah gets the walk-in closet, and he gets the garage.

  4. The Living Room

    When the clunky furniture from the previous owners came out, Hannah and Robert saw how well-proportioned and livable the smallish house really was. They painted over the existing blah beige with baby blue and white, and began furnishing with a mix of mid-century modern and eclectic glam. "I usually want the couch that you have to perch on as if you were at the dentist's," Hannah says. Robert keeps things grounded by insisting that the house should be a reflection of the two of them, which has made every room more comfortable.

  5. The Bathroom

    When Robert offers style suggestions, Hannah admits that he's often right. She wouldn't have gone with a patterned shower curtain, but here, it adds just the jolt this placid lavatory needed.

  6. The Backyard

    The cloistered backyard came set with a brick cabana and a swanky black-bottomed pool. Hannah and Robert forego dinners out to pay the cost to heat the pool and spend their evenings at home enjoying their lush patch of Hollywood living.

  7. Puppy Love

    On their first date, Hannah and Robert picnicked with her Yorkie, Apples (shown here on the pillow), and his French Bulldog, Ruby. Then they all descended on a café that welcomes pooches. Weekends consisted of trips to the Pokonos, canines in tow, and when Robert proposed, he put Ruby "on camera" giving reasons why the couple should wed. Since then, a Chihuahua named Bananas has joined the family.

  8. Custom Robes

    The couple got personalized robes as shower gifts from Hannah's mom and her friends. "We live the relaxed 'robe lifestyle' now," Hannah says, "who would have guessed?"