Real Couple of the Week: Jordan and Kendrick

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Photo: The Nest

Status: Married August 31, 2008

Careers: He works at Morgan Stanley; she's the founding editor of her own lifestyle blog,
Baby Clock: Their son was born in October of 2011.
Nicknames: “We don't use nicknames! Should we? Is that weird?"
Unwind Time: Zombie movies and the occasional dance break
Pets: Lucy, a shih tzu, and Virgil, a Lhasa apso
How They Met: On Myspace, when Jordan friend requested the band Kendrick played keyboards for. Six weeks after their first date, the two were engaged.
Hobbies: Jordan knits, reads and gardens; Kendrick records music and reads comic books (he's even written a book of his own).
Joint Effort: “Each of us tries very hard to understand where the other is coming from. We're a work in progress, but we're both very interested in putting in the effort."
Pet Peeves: He can't remember a list of more than two items without her writing it down; she refuses to learn how to use Google Maps.
Relationship Rule: “Make sure to take turns with the tough stuff and give each other a break when you need it."
Guilty Pleasures: Super-boring dishes off of the Chinese food menu, celebrity gossip magazines, late-night sci-fi movies and buying superhero toys for their son
In 10 Years They'll Be: In the same town, making Jordan's ability to effectively employ Google Maps unnecessary. [n]

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