Real-Life New Year’s Resolutions We Love

It's that time of year again when we vow to get rid of bad habits, or meet new goals. Although some New Year's Resolutions are made to be broken (“No chocolate for a year!"), others are realistic enough to actually achieve (“Live a healthier life!"). We asked our Facebook fans what their resolutions are for 2013, and many of them had some inspiring aspirations to share. Check out our favorites:

“Find a job I love, not just one that pays the bills." –Hilary A.

“To stop being so negative and stressing about little things." –Lisa F.

“Make a baby." — Brittany P.

“To be more thankful." –Sarah S.

“To be debt free before we conceive! The goal is August — fingers crossed!" –Kristen H.

“Eat a lot healthier to serve as a good example for my son who will be starting solids next month." –Kimberly P.

“Not to make one. Be happy with who I am." — Nora F.

“Pay my old bills, build credit and start the next portion of my life!!!!" –Josh L.

“To actually do half the stuff I pinned on Pinterest! –Brooke P.