The 16 Stages of Vacationing With Your Significant Other for the First Time

couple vacation
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Aside from meeting their parents and saying ‘I love you’ for the first time, jet setting with your beau is a huge (and super fun) step in the relationship.

After lots of research and deliberation, you decide your destination and book the trip.

You endure extreme anticipation for what feels like years, but then it's finally time to pack…

…and overpack.

Once you arrive at the airport, you have to wait in the longest security line you've ever seen.

But before you know it, you're boarding the plan and you don't have to sit next to any weird strangers…

…which makes you realize bae's shoulder is the ideal napping pillow.

You land at the airport and now it's time to wait in line for your rental car.

You make a few wrong turns on the road and start to get frustrated…

…but finally arrive at the hotel, calm down, and get settled in your room.

Now it's time to decide where to eat because you're both pretty hangry at this point.

Once you're both restored to your full and happy states, it's time to hit the beach together.

After a long day in the sun, it's time to eat again (obviously).

You think about exploring the area after dinner, but ultimately decide to go to bed.

You do it all again for a few more days…

…until you have to pack up and head back to the airport.

Now that you're home, all you can do is dream about your next vacation with bae.