7 of the Most Ridiculous Fights Couples Have at Ikea

In honor of the irritation and blow-outs that can happen at the shopping mecca of Ikea, here are the top fights you'll likely encounter.

The Fight: Expedit or Hemnes
Two words you've never heard before are suddenly life and death discussions. To be clear, the difference between the two furniture pieces is seriously small but that doesn't mean your fight will be. You suddenly find that you and your mate have begun fighting over which uncluttered storage system you want. He likes the open shelving; you prefer one with cabinet doors and a 45-minute heated argument ensues because you can't agree. Ugh, bara håller med mig! (That's Swedish for what you're probably thinking.)

The Fight: Birch or Ash
Just when you agree on which line you'll be bringing home, it starts up again. You believe a birch veneer will give your home that understated Scandinavian charm but he insists that a dark Ash color is the only way to make the home cozy. You go back and forth about what veneer color to use only to get so frustrated that you walk away with no media center, the entire reason you made the journey to Ikea.

The Fight: Distractions Galore
You're on a mission to find the perfect end table but your S.O. has vanished into the shelves of frames, organizers and knickknacks. There's no cell service in the cement box that is the store… why did he have to take that turn?! You were here for the end table, just an end table!

The Fight: Getting Lost
Ikea is a maddening maze of giant arrows directing you aimlessly around a windowless warehouse. All you want is to make it to the kitchen section and he fancies himself Magellan with the ability to bypass the maze of aisles. Wrong! Not only can you not avoid going through every single foot of the store, you have to pass EVERYTHING—including the baby section, which results in the next fight.

The Fight: About Kids
Somehow, just passing the Nordic baby section sets you off. After how many conversations that have been approached like actual adults, this one is different, and now you're just plain irritated. Why is it so hard to decide on when the two of you are going to procreate?

The Fight: Low Blood Sugar
You've spent the past 75 minutes moseying through the massive store only to realize that your partner's blood sugar has plummeted. He's cranky but won't admit it, so you casually decide to walk past the café to pick up some Swedish meatballs. Only, it takes him half a lifetime to decide on what snack to get, aggravating you more, and making you just as cranky he is.

The Fight: He's Trying to Watch the Game
The only day you both had time to travel all the way to your Ikea happened to fall on the same day as a game he just had to watch. His team, slash the reason he lives, is the only thing he's concerned about, so he tries to live stream it on his phone but the reception gets spotty as you wander deeper into the store. He begins to get frustrated and starts lashing out when you ask him if he prefers the blue stripe Signe rug or the red stripe one. Seriously? Is it that big of an issue that he has to snap? You were just being nice by asking for his opinion, anyways. Forget it.

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