He Said/She Said: Room Wars

When it comes to home decor, are you two on the same page? By Jeff Wilser and Kristin Koch
  1. Eclectic Sitting Room

    Photo by Melanie Acevedo / The Nest

    He said: Got it! I've figured out the theme for this room: random chairs. But what would you do in here? Awkwardly chat with your uncle? I'd feel more comfortable lounging in the DMV office. And minus 20 points for the creepy photo of the random dude.

    She said: I like it. Matchy-matchy looks straight out of a catalog are B-O-R-I-N-G. Mixing up styles, woods and looks -- like the mod polka-dot print with the vintage portrait -- is chic. I'll bet there's a cleverly disguised TV hiding behind those polka dots.

  2. Modern Kitchen

    Photo by Preston & Schlebusch / The Nest

    He Said: This is damn close to my dream kitchen. Cool but not cold, granite, plenty of space to carve meat and -- most important -- exposed brick.

    She Said: This kitchen definitely wouldn't inspire me to cook. I like kitchens with a homey, Martha Stewart–esque feel, and this one screams home alright -- home alone (as in bachelor pad central!). It's not that I don't like exposed brick, but I think a kitchen needs windows so you don't feel completely cut off from the world while you cook. I also prefer more gender-neutral décor -- so while those mandeliers hanging over the island and the charcoal cabinets are sleek, white or natural wood would make it a little less man cave.

  3. Organized Closet

    Photo by Mark Lund / The Nest

    He said: Neat, clean, efficient use of space -- I like. Guys won't object so much to your "needing" 5,000 shoes, since this closet appeals to our geeky, hyper-logical need for organization. Well played.

    She said: I know I should like it, but this closet's kind of stressing me out -- like if I don’t hang my shirts so they all face the same way and fold my sweaters perfectly, I'm going to mess it all up. Plus, those shelves filled with rows of neatly folded shirts make me feel like I'm looking at a Gap display.

  4. "Jewelry Box" in the Bathroom

    Photo by Lucas Allen / The Nest

    He said: It's a small bathroom, so naturally you want to make the most of your space...but I'm not sure hanging up every single necklace (plus a purse that's sold in a Mexican tourist town?) is really necessary. Oh, and what's Thing from The Addams Family doing there? This is a bathroom, not a flea market -- get a jewelry box.

    She said: This "flea market" is a practical and efficient use of wall space in a bathroom where space is tight and storage options are limited. Plus, the accessories add some color and design to the otherwise austere walls. I think the eclectic collection of necklaces, along with the bright purse and, yes, even "Thing," is a smart way to add a lot of visual appeal without spending a lot.

  5. Neutral Living Room

    Photo by Ellen Silverman / The Nest

    He said: Sunlight, neutral colors, space -- the room breathes. It's sleek but not pretentious, and that plant lets me pretend that I'm a man who appreciates nature. Just one thing: Rotate the couch 90 degrees so it can face the new plasma I'd hang on the wall.

    She said: I agree that the walls need something, and I'm actually all for a mounted plasma. But as for the rest of the room...it's a bit too sterile for my taste. It reminds me of the waiting room at my dentist's office! Those throw pillows add a nice pop of color, but it's not enough. And the black-leather chairs scream bachelor pad to me.

  6. Bold Patterned Bedroom

    Photo by Mark Lund / The Nest

    He said: Here's the thing: I have to live here too. And I can't live in this room. Amazingly, the most offensive thing in this room is not the Barbie-colored comforter. I can live with pink. But I would go blind (or insane) if, every morning, I woke up to that psychedelic, spiderwebby, backgammon-board-on-acid pattern on the walls.

    She said: What a great masculine-feminine compromise! The mix of the bold pattern on the walls and the bright bedding is so fresh and modern. This just might be the perfect his/hers bedroom.

  7. Personalized Foyer

    Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat / The Nest

    She Said: A collage of loved ones and happy memories (plus an adorable pooch)? Perfect.

    He Said: Ah, at last we agree.