7 Scrumptious Sangrias

pouring sangria
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Sangria is a wine-based punch that’s delicious and potent. Plus, it’s healthy since there’s all that fruit -- or at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves!
  1. Summertime Sangria

    This traditional sangria combines white wine, red wine and brandy. Triple the pleasure!

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  2. Golden Sangria

    This version uses prosecco and peach brandy. While the recipe calls for kiwis, peaches and nectarines, we like to add pears to the mix as well. Hey, sangria’s all about personalization!

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  3. White Summer Sangria

    This recipe calls for an herb syrup (using mint or basil), which adds an unexpected earthy flavor.

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  4. Hibiscus Sangria

    This is the mellowest recipe in the bunch, using hibiscus tea for most of its flavor. Bonus: It’s super-pretty!

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  5. Fandango Sangria

    This one gets its oomph from cinnamon and cloves, and it's best made the day before!

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  6. Sicilian Sangria

    Blood oranges give this Mediterranean medley its tart edge.

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  7. ‘Tis the Season Sangria

    Holiday or no holiday, this rich sangria is a party pleaser any time of year.

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