Fresh Seasonal Eats for Early September

Continue your seasonal eating quick with these 8 fresh ingredients.

We're all about seasonal eating and if you haven't hopped on the bandwagon just yet, now is a great time to start. While summer staples like tomatoes and berries are starting to phase out, there's a whole host of new produce popping up on farm stands everywhere and they come their own endless supply of culinary possibilities. Not sure what the new season has in store for your dinner plate? Sites like Sustainable Table and Eat the Seasons offer comprehensive and up-to-date lists of what's being harvested now. Here, we've listed a few of our favorite early September ingredients, plus a few recipes for a little inspiration.


Veggies might have all the fun come fall, but there are a few fruits still kickin' around give them a run for their money.

Apples: Just coming off that end-of-summer high means it might be a little hard to believe that apple-picking season is upon us. But it is — so you might as well embrace it! From apple sauce to warm apple pie and hot spiked cider, there's more than one reason to get excited about the appearance of this early autumn ingredient.

Plums: Tart and sweet, plums are like a little piece of sunshine on your plate. And we'll be savoring every last bite for the next few weeks.

Melon: There's nothing quite like fresh melon. It's incredibly refreshing and just the right amount of sweet. Sure, you can freeze melon and enjoy it all year long, but enjoying them just-picked-style is when they're best.

Pears: Like apples, these fabulous fruits make for many a flavorful fall dish.


Arugula: This bitter green (which just so happens to be available all year long) is just the thing to give everything from salads to pizzas and pasta dishes a major kick.

Beets: We're a little beet-obsessed, but can you blame us? These superfoods are packed with vitamins, minerals and all sorts of other good-for-you things. And while we love the purple variety, golden beets, which are popping onto the scene right about now, win out every time, hands down.

Corn: Nosh on this sweet golden treat while you can — it won't be around much longer!

Radishes: Radishes simple don't get enough love, but this pretty piece of produce has so much potential.

Photo by Cliffords Photography via Flickr