Secret Sex Weapons That’ll Change Your Life

couple on bed
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Want real sex advice that actually works? Check out these 10 tricks Nesties use in the bedroom.

Once in a while my husband and I bring out what we call our “bag of tricks." We take turns getting blindfolded and whoever is blindfolded gets…pleasantly surprised. It can be as simple as a massage or a kiss (anywhere on the body). It's the anticipation of what to expect that we both love.


We flirt and tease each other all day long with cute little notes or emails. Anticipation works wonders.


Wearing thigh-highs or heels in bed is a must!


Making out always gets us in the mood. Sounds so high school, but it really works! And, um, we love to watch porn together.... That's our real secret weapon.


One of our favorite positions is reverse cowgirl. I feel like I have more control, plus he gets a different view.


Find the position that works the best for you. Give it a name and make it yours so you can default to it whenever the mood strikes. We tend to change positions several times per session, but the one that always works for us is one we've nicknamed “Gregging" (named for my husband). We've never had a bad Gregging -- it's nice to have a specialty!


If we're in a hurry and just want the big O, I “Kegel" down there. It does the trick for me and him.


Sometimes I tell him to touch me anywhere, in a nonsexual way. He'll get as close as possible, without actually breaking the rules. It makes it that much better once the action really gets going.


The sash of my satin robe is a great little prop. I spontaneously wrap it around my husband's wrists. He loves it!


Keep all things “children" out of the bedroom. This means photos, laundry, actual get the idea. Though I adore my kids, I don't want to feel like a mom in the bedroom.


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