Selling Gift Cards for Cash: Rude or Resourceful?

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The holidays are a time for giving — and a time for accepting gifts you'd rather not receive. Although you know in your heart that your great aunt Mildred meant well with that gift card to the restaurant you've never heard of (and will definitely never go to), you're now stuck with a present that's taking up precious wallet space.

Instead of letting an unwanted gift go to waste, it's clear that some would rather turn their presents into cold, hard cash by using sites such as and Our proof? This week, Yahoo! reported that the search term “sell gift cards" has spiked. But is exchanging gift cards for cash rude or resourceful? We asked The Nest's Facebook fans to weigh in:

“I wouldn't be offended. A gift is a gift." — Renata B.

“Who's going to know if you cash it in? If you don't want it, I don't see a problem. It's not like you have to tell the person that gave it to you." — Kaley H.

“Why not sell it for cash & buy yourself something you actually want? That's kind of the point of gift cards anyway!" — Mollie R.

“If you find no use for them, give them to someone else." — Trent S.

“I wish I could have a couple of times. Especially when there's just a few bucks left on it." — Turah S.

“A gift if a gift and money is money. Makes no difference what you choose to do with it after it's gifted to you." — Michelle C.

What are your thoughts — terrific idea or totally tacky?

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