6 New Home To-Dos

You've found a dream home in your dream neighborhood. Congrats! Now the real work begins: Start ticking these things off your list.

1. Check Your Insurance Policies

Moving to a new state? Chances are you'll have to get new insurance policies. You might even need to find a new company since not all insurers blanket the entire country.

2. Sign Up for the Town Newspaper

It'll help you get to know the area quickly. Also, consider subscribing to the regional magazine—all of those dining guides are invaluable.

3. Get Copies of Your Medical Records

Even if you're young and perfectly healthy, you're still going to need your records at some point. Avoid the hassle by getting them before you move out of the area—you're going to need to change doctors when you move, so you'll want your new doc to have all of the information that they'll need.

4. Hook Yourself Up

Call your current water, electric, cable, Internet, and phone companies and soon-to-be companies a month before your move date. This way, you have enough time to schedule appointments required for shut off and turn on. This will prevent you from getting charged after you leave your old home or for any service that's not on in your new one. Ask for written confirmations in case you have to appeal a charge.

5. Cancel Catalogues

Get your name off junk mail lists by going to CatalogChoice.org . You'll have enough stuff to sort through...why add more to that massive pile?

6. Go Postal

Change your address six weeks before your move at the post office or at Usps.com . This will get your mail to the right place, and they'll send you a welcome package with coupons and discounts for local stores and services.

Evelyn Fazio, coauthor of Staying Sane When You're Buying or Selling Your Home

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