Sex Q&A: Any advice for enjoying oral sex?

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I feel self-conscious about giving oral sex. advice for me that might help me to enjoy it more?


News flash: You probably aren't bad at just need more practice. Here are some tips to get you feeling more comfortable with going "downtown": Shower together in a sensual way, slowly soap each other down, and start to caress each other. Then towel yourselves dry to get ready for foreplay. Smear something tasty like chocolate sauce or whipped cream over his package and lick it off gently. This baby step will at least get you more comfortable with his south-of-the-border region.

Part of your squeamishness may come from being afraid to swallow. So don't!. When he's ready to climax, slip a Kleenex in place to catch his semen. He shouldn't be expecting you to swallow when you feel this way. Then kick back so he can giv eyou oral sex in return!

Nestpert Dr. Pam Spurr, author of Make Love All Night & Talk to Him in the Morning and Naughty Tricks and Sexy Tips: A Couple's Guide to Uninhibited Sexual Pleasure

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