Sex Q&A: Making Time for Sex?



Ah, you've got that common newlywed ailment: post-honeymoon, sex-comes-last-on-our-list syndrome! Now that you've committed your love, it's easy to stop putting each other first. How are you going to bring back the early-day lust? It's a mix of pragmatism and passion. Plan time for sex. Sure it sounds inorganic, but as your lives become busier, you have to put sex at the top of your to-do list.

Each week, go into "pre-honeymoon" mode: Plan surprises like watching a sexy movie, and clear a couple of distraction-free hours together (that's what Tivo was made for). Do whatever it takes to remind yourselves of why you fell in love in the first place -- 'cause you both saw the other as one hot prospect!

With that comes making an effort with your appearances too. Why not slip into a pair of sexy skivvies you wore back in your single days? Men are wired to react to visual stimuli, and this is a surefire way to up his sex drive. Meanwhile, women respond to "aural" pleasure: Ask him to describe a naughty thing he wants to do to turn you on.

Nestpert Dr. Pam Spurr, author of Make Love All Night & Talk to Him in the Morning and Naughty Tricks and Sexy Tips: A Couple's Guide to Uninhibited Sexual Pleasure

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