7 Offbeat Signs You're Ready for a Baby

woman holding baby silhouette
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You never know what kinds of silly things will set your biological clock ticking.
  1. You're not totally bored at a friend's baby shower.

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    Admit it: Baby showers can be mind-numbing. Sure, the baby clothes are cute and your preggo friend looks absolutely adorable, but who isn't secretly watching the clock? I'll tell you who: Women who are ready to sport a big ol' belly themselves. If you find yourself taking mental notes about which gifts you do and don't want for your own baby and dreaming about perfect baby shower locales, you're in mommy mode.

  2. You can tell a Bugaboo from a Mclaren – and you have a preference.

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    Are you a sporty and active City Mini kind of mom, or do you prefer the smarts and sophistication of a Bugaboo? Maybe you like the preppy Maclaren. If you have the faintest idea of what I'm talking about, you're definitely ready to have a baby.

  3. You stop noticing cute dogs.

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    If you're a dog or cat person and suddenly want a baby, you'll probably start seeing your pet – and pets on the street -- differently. You'll always treat your dog as your fur baby, of course, but your biological clock will tell you something else: I want the real deal. Paws can't take the place of 10 little pink toes.

  4. You’ve perused the aisles of A Pea in the Pod just for fun.

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    You weren’t there to buy a gift for your pregnant friend; you were actually quite impressed with how stylish maternity wear has gotten these days. You’d actually wear that wrap dress! I’m sorry to be the one to inform you: They make wrap dresses in non-pregnant sizes too. You were in there for a reason, and it wasn’t to bone up on fashion trends. You want a pea in your pod.

  5. You’re less interested in Christian Louboutins, and more interested in the name Christian.

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    There was a time when names like Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan elicited thoughts of sexy stilettos and designer dresses. Now they bring to mind, well, cool baby name ideas. So do celebrity names (“Reese would be great for a boy or a girl!”) or even TV characters’ monikers (“The name Suki is growing on me…”). It’s probably time you had a real baby to name.

  6. You figure out when you’re ovulating and feel a thrill when you and your husband have sex on those days -- even with protection.

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    Think of it as a practice run. If you know it could actually happen if you weren't on the pill, and you're excited about it (maybe even turned on by it), then stop popping those birth control pills and go for it! (Um…tell him first, though.)
  7. You crave the pregnancy glow.

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    Your pregnant friends have shiny hair, glowing skin -- and they even say that their fingernails are stronger. Sometimes you stand in front the mirror and wonder what pregnancy will look like on you. It may be time to find out!

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