Simple Ways to Turn Your Newlywed House Into a Home

Setting up your house is often the first thing you want to tackle as a newlywed. Sounds simple, but when you account for blending two unique styles, organizing your new registry goodies and starting fresh in a new space, it's easy to get overwhelmed! Here are a few easy ways to get you settled in.

1. Registry Focus: Nice Lamps!
Great light was an initial apartment non-negotiable when my husband and I were looking for our first newlywed Brooklyn apartment. After quickly realizing great light often translated to big cost, we decided to entertain another solution: Great Lamps! We registered for a few grown up (i.e. expensive) lamps and paired them with shades we already had. By investing and collecting lighting you love, you don't have to depend on harsh overhead light or outdoor and natural light. You should love the home you're in, no matter what time of day!

2. Finding Neutral ground on your big purchases
When you're setting up house for the first time, focus on finding neutral basics. For large pieces like your couch, chairs, dressers and bedding – stay simple. Start by establishing good bones for your home and gradually bring in patterned, colorful, even trendy details in the form of curtains, pillows and accessories. This way, your statement pieces are affordable and can easily be changed throughout the year.

3. Blending old and new
When my husband and I began packing up our separate apartments before we got married, we tried to focus pieces that were in good shape, would serve some functional purpose, or we just simply loved. Among the necessities, I brought a pair of modern lamps and an antique dresser, while husband brought his favorite leather chair and a collection of antlers. By minimizing the junk and only bringing intentional pieces from our former life, we had the space to supplement our apartment with new and lovely things from our registry. I'm happy to report his antlers and my clean glossly lamps are living in a content rustic modern unity.

4. Get organized!
Getting married often means housing twice the amount of stuff. I've noticed, that sometimes our biggest challenge as newlyweds is keeping everything organized. You've combined two households, two closets, two personalities and things just start piling up! Not to mention the stacks of returns and exchanges. So, to help minimize your clutter and maximize your sanity, try consolidating your returnpiles and action items (i.e. thank yous, paperwork, mail, etc.) to one place in your home. I did my best to pick one new thing every few days to sort through and get situated. Do what works for you. Personally, I'm a list maker! You'll slowly build momentum and soon everything will have a home.

5. Be flexible and start with your registry:
Your wedding registry is a great practice arena for learning to make simple home decisions together. If you, as the wife, picked out feminine gold rimmed tumblers that you absolutely love, you at least should let your husband register for the manly wood plated grill gear he loves. Then decide on the pillows for the sofa together. To me, blending two unique styles is much more interesting then buying from only one look. Remember – you're on the same team! The goal is to have a new home that encompasses both spouses.