Your Sleep Style Decoded

couple sleeping in bed
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How you sleep together (as in eyes closed, drool on pillow) can actually say a lot about your relationship. Find out what your nighttime body language means for your love life.
  1. The Football

    What It Is: Both on your sides facing each other with one foot touching

    What It Means: Having just one foot touching is more than enough contact for Footballers, who don’t need 24/7 TLC to feel close. You both have jam-packed schedules…and love it! Sure, you don’t spend as much quality time with each other as you’d like, but that makes those rare moments together special.

    Quirks & Perks: A lazy Sunday is just about your worst nightmare. You’d much rather wake up early, go for a power run, then check out that new brunch place your (many) friends have been buzzing about.

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  2. Classic Spoon

    What It Is: Full front-to-back contact, with one person tucked into the other; you know…spooning.

    What It Means: Lying like this shows you have a pure outlook on your marriage and you take on more traditional roles. The person on the outside likes to feel as if they can shield your marriage from problems, while the person on the inside is sensitive. Classic Spooners are supportive and never go to bed angry.

    Quirks & Perks: Spooners are all about comfort—and comfort foods. You both love digging into apple pie, meatloaf and basically anything that’s warm and gooey.

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  3. Tetherball

    What It Is: One of you on your back with a single hand on the other person

    What It Means: You’re independent but also willing to compromise. You disagree on politics, religion and how the toilet seat should be left, but love finding common ground as a couple.

    Quicks & Perks: Romantic dinners can often turn into heated talks for you debaters. Luckily, nothing turns you on more than a glass of wine and some hot back-and-forth.

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  4. Cliff-Hangers

    What It Is: Sleeping on opposite sides of the bed with your backs to each other

    What It Means: Getting shut-eye in this position can simply mean you’re practical (hey, there’s plenty of room in that big bed) and like your leg room, but it may signal a bit of distance in your relationship.

    Quirks & Perks: You like art. He likes sports. You’re a vegetarian. He puts bacon on everything. You drive a hybrid. He drives a Hummer. You’re total opposites, but you also truly appreciate all of each other’s differences—and personal space.

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  5. Who's Your Ideal Sleep-Mate?

    The Spaghetti Noodle
    You sleep on your side with your arms out and are mellow.
    Pairs with The Soldier. You’re so go-with-the-flow, you need a little structure!

    The Crab
    You lie facedown, like you’re making out with your pillow, and tend to be stubborn.
    Pairs with The Spaghetti Noodle. You need someone loose who'll bend around you.

    The Soldier
    You sleep on your back with your arms at your sides. Type A much?
    Pairs with The Womb. A womb sleeper’s softness will soothe your rigid side.

    The Womb
    You curl up and are as thoughtful as you are cozy.
    Pairs with The Crab. You sleep in a tiny ball, and a Crab isn’t into snuggling.

    Nestperts: Evany Thomas, author of The Secret Language of Sleep; Patti Wood, body language expert