Smart Money-Saving Advice That’s Easy to Forget

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My hubby and I are considering buying an apartment, which is a pretty big undertaking in New York City. Whether we commit to a mortgage or decide to sign another lease will just depend on what we find within our budget. (Did I mention we also have a two-year-old son to consider?)

Because we're thinking about buying a place, we're more conscious than ever about what we spend. As we've been going over the numbers, I've been thinking about how I can cut back.

I'm not willing to sacrifice my love of fashion (I am the site director for The Blush as well as The Nest, after all), but there are some pretty easy things that I can do to save big. For starters, I can cut back on my daily Starbucks lattes. I can also skip the semi-frequent cab rides in favor of the much cheaper subway. And I should really sign up for that CVS card (instead of blowing off the cashier every time she mentions it) so I start getting points back when I buy.

What are some easy things that you do to save money?

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