How to Get a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

bathroom sink
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It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. (That'd be you.)

Tackling bathroom grit and grime may not be how you like to spend your weekend, but hey, it must be done. Here's how to do it fast:

The Routine:

  • Shower: Spray shower/tub with a scrub-free cleanser. Let it stand 10 minutes.
  • Mirrors: Use glass cleaner and wipe with newsprint.
  • Countertops: Wipe down the vanity and counters with an all-purpose disinfectant.
  • Toilet: Spray all outside surfaces and lid with a disinfectant spray; then squeeze in bowl cleaner and let it sit 10 minutes. Or scrub with toilet wand and then flush.
  • Sink: The faucet and fixture can be polished with a microfiber cloth. For the basin, a cloth dampened with white vinegar will do the trick.
  • Floors: Mop with 1 gallon of plain water mixed with a squirt of dishwashing soap.
  • Medicine chest: Toss what's old or expired and wipe down the shelves.
  • Showerhead: Fill a zip-top bag with white vinegar and attach it to the showerhead with a rubber band. The next morning, clean it with a toothbrush.

Tricks of the Trade:

  • Before you go to bed, pour 1 cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl. When you wake up the next day, brush and flush.
  • Let the hot water run in your shower for a couple of minutes before you dive in with your scrub brush. The steam will loosen dirt and grime.
  • Mix 1 part chlorine bleach with 10 parts water, brush it onto moldy grout with an old soft-bristled toothbrush, let it sit for 10 minutes, then scour with the brush.
  • Prevent stubborn water spots on your shower door by coating the glass with Rain-X. The water will bead up and roll off.
  • Got ring-around-the-bowl? Rub a pumice stick around the porcelain.
  • Throw moldy shower liners into the wash along with an old towel to loosen soap scum; run with hot water. Hang to air dry.