How to Spice Up Your Goodie Drawer

woman on bed
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Take things up a notch (or ten) in bed with these naughty extras. Warning: Prudes need not read on.

A poll on found that 61 percent of couples have a few fun “extras" hidden in their nightstands. Do you? Here's the down and dirty scoop on some of the most popular in-the-sack sidekicks. (You know, in case you need some...uh...inspiration.)

Still keeping your “buzz"-worthy friend to yourself? You're missing out. Use a vibrator during foreplay with your partner to get things going, and show him where it feels best on you (this will also map out your most sensitive areas for him, which, trust us, can only benefit you). Once he's warmed up to it, try incorporating your vibrator into actual sex -- but don't forget to tell your guy how good he feels too, since no man wants to be replaced by a piece of plastic and two batteries.
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Flavored Lubes
Oral sex feels good, but let's be honest: Sometimes it can leave a bad taste in your mouth (or, it might be you who feels self-conscious about your man roaming around your southern hemisphere). Add a lil' sweetness to both of your kissable parts by squeezing a few drops of lube down there in flavors you both like, whether it's mint, chocolate, cherry, or another fruity variety. Just be sure to do a test run beforehand to make sure the lube doesn't irritate your...area.
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Pleasure Rings
This rubber ring wraps around the base of your guy's penis and has a teeny tiny vibrator at one end to hit you in juuuust the right spot. It's the perfect option if you're (1) too lazy to manhandle a vibrator during the deed, or (2) just entering the world of sex toys and want to start with something not too intimidating. All you have to do is push it down to the base of your guy's penis during foreplay and then have sex like you normally would—only this time, with a more intense orgasm for you.
Get it: It might look like lips, but these vibrating lips don't go on your mouth. Hot Lips Vibrating Cock Ring, $6.99,

Okay, so we're going to say it: Dildos are ugly. Plus, you might feel a little strange watching your guy pull a fake penis out from your nightstand when he's got a perfectly good real one. But here's why you need to get over that: Sometimes your guy gets tired, or he orgasms before you do. Whatever the reason, a dildo can help. So stop being a hater and whip this bad boy out, even if you have to turn the lights off first.
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Textured Condoms
We're going to go ahead and guess that you've experienced “ribbed for her pleasure" before, but there's actually a slew of other tantalizing textures out there ready to be explored. Have your guy wear a studded condom covered in raised dots to help you feel his every move even more intensely, or go with a condom that's ribbed but with a wider tip so that the most sensitive part of his penis isn't constricted but you're still getting extra traction. Tip: If you haven't tried textured rubbers before, have your guy go slow the first time around -- for some women, the extra friction can be uncomfortable.
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Sexy Dice
Not all sex toys are directly for stimulation. Break up your sex routine with naughty dice telling you to lick, kiss, and touch different parts of each other's bodies. Some dice are more adventurous than others, so read the package closely before heading to the checkout counter. You can also get creative using regular dice from a board game and assigning your own actions to each number. If you do this, memorize which moves go with which numbers beforehand -- there's nothing sexy about referencing an index card during the deed.
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Playfully tying your partner up (or letting him tie you up) can be a totally sensual experience -- especially if you use a blindfold so you can't predict his next move (or vice versa). Look online or in your favorite sex shop for sets with “handcuffs" made with soft fabric and Velcro so you can experience the excitement without the hardcore edge of metal cuffs and duct tape (unless you're into that).
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