Our Totally Spontaneous Vacation!

How exciting would it be to point to a spot on the map and just go? When you fly (or drive) by the seat of your pants to an unexpected vacay, it's a blast. Just ask these duos!

"One summer my husband, Cullen and I were watching a television show about the top roller coasters and we knew we must ride the Millennium Force, the number-one steel coaster in the world. We were so inspired that we hopped in the car the next day and headed to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio from our home in Virginia. It was so fun." -- Tracee

"On our second wedding anniversary, my hubby told me to pack my bags. When we got there, our hotel room had a view of the Long Beach Bay from our balcony, there was champagne in the room and chocolate-dipped strawberries on the bed, and he made dinner reservations at the restaurant where we first met." -- Amanda

"We planned to go camping for a couple of weeks but got rained out. So we jumped online, bought a pair of plane tickets, and three hours later were flying to the Gold Coast. of Australia. We swam with seals and took a helicopter ride over the ocean. Those six nights were the best holiday we've had in ages." -- Lin

"Right before we got married, we found a last-minute San Francisco vacation package and didn't tell anyone. It gave us the chance to reconnect and remind ourselves that our upcoming wedding was just the beginning of our lives together. Now that we are married, we still take impromptu trips to keep our sanity." -- Pamela

"Our town's power went out, so we took the car that had the most gas and headed three hours to Grand Haven, Michigan, and swam, watched the sun set, and ate at our favorite pizza joint. While our friends sat home in their stuffy houses without running water (read: no flushing toilets), we had a day in the sun enjoying ourselves." -- Lesa

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