Study: Music Is a Bigger Turn On Than a Partner’s Touch

Photo: Photo: Veer

Guilty of pushing play during foreplay? If you find that you rely on your Pandora playlists to get in the mood, you're not alone.

In a new survey commissioned by Spotify, 40 percent of the 2,000 respondents said that listening to music during sex is more likely to turn them on than the loving touch of their partner.

“Music can activate the same pleasure centers of the brain that also respond to much less abstract rewards such as food, drugs or indeed sex," said Daniel Mullensiefen, Ph.D, the University of London music psychologist who conducted the Behind the Song study.

The study also shed light on the top 20 music tracks ideal for when the mood strikes–as well as a list of songs that are “better than sex". For romantic songs mid-romp, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack takes the number one spot while Marvin Gaye's “Sexual Healing" comes in at a close second. A song that's better than sex? Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody."

The next time you're about to get it on, go ahead and reach for that sex playlist–but at least pretend it's your partner's moves that are turning you on.

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