The Best Closet Organizing Products Under $100

closet bins
Keep your closet organized with these simple pieces under $100.

It's the season for Spring cleaning! Start by re-organizing your clothing area to maximize sweater space when sharing a closet with your S.O. These ten items are organizing geniuses -- and under $100.

  1. Clear Choice

    Storage boxes
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    These smart boxes have plastic windows so you can hide items big and small and easily see what's inside.

    SHOP NOW: Vision storage boxes, $45 for a set of 3,

  2. Slim Pickings

    Slimline Hangers
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    Skinny, non-slip hangers will keep your clothes neat and take up less space than traditional wooden or plastic styles.

    SHOP NOW: Slimline hangers, $9 for set of 10,

  3. Hang In There

    Hanging closet organizer
    Photo by Walmart

    Simply attach this system of shelves to an existing closet pole and you'll instantly add a ton of storage to your space.

    SHOP NOW: Retrofit closet organizer 4-shelf unit, $72,

  4. Roll Call

    Rolling drawers
    Photo by Bed, Bath and Beyond

    If you've got enough room for a set of rolling drawers in your closet, store anything from t-shirts to jewelry in one of these handy caddies.

    SHOP NOW: Rolling drawers, $90,

  5. Basket Case

    Pandan bins
    Photo by Serena & Lily

    Woven, basket-like bins tame clutter, like gloves or hats, in the chicest way possible.

    SHOP NOW: Pandan bins, $38,

  6. Rack Attack

    Mesh shoe rack
    Photo by Target

    A shoe rack keeps your footwear off the floor and neatly organized. We particularly like this mesh style that can support high heels as well as flats and sneakers, and as a bonus, the panels are removable to make room for tall boots.

    SHOP NOW: Mesh shoe rack, $30,

  7. Hangers On

    Wall rail with knobs
    Photo by IKEA

    We're all about hooks on a wall (they are great for bags, scarves, hats and lots of other stuff) and this uber-cool IKEA design comes with a shelf and mirror.

    SHOP NOW: Wall rail with shelf, mirror and knobs, $44,

  8. Board Straight

    Acrylic Folding Board
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    Ever wonder how stores keep their stock folded so neatly? These simple boards give you perfectly folded shirts, sweaters and pants, which in turn, makes room for more clothes in your closet.

    SHOP NOW: Large acrylic folding board, $45 for set of 6,

  9. Niche Market

    Drawer organizer
    Photo by The Container Store

    For small items like socks, lingerie or sunglasses, these adjustable organizers can be customized to fit any drawer.

    SHOP NOW: Dream drawer organizers, $8-$16,

  10. Divide and Conquer

    Clear shelf divider
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    Once you've got those perfectly folded stacks of clothes, keep them organized neatly with these clear shelf dividers.

    SHOP NOW: Acrylic shelf dividers, $17,