The Kindness Experiment

Our writer spent seven days secretly doing sweet things for her boyfriend to see how it would affect their relationship. Here's what happened.

Our writer spent seven days upping her “nice" factor and secretly doing sweet things for her boyfriend, Andy, to see if it would have any effect on their relationship. Here's what happened -- and what they both learned.


The Kind Deed: Serve breakfast in bed

7:43 a.m. The plan was to serve homemade breakfast in bed. But as with most things that involve me and the kitchen, it didn't go as planned -- and breakfast ended up being coffee and an egg sandwich delivered from the deli. Still, even my half-assed gesture paid off. Andy looked at me like I was the cutest thing in the world when I presented him with the goods.


The Kind Deed: Call to say “I love you"

2:54 p.m. Of course I tell Andy I love him. But I'm not really the I-called-just-to-say-I-love-you type, which he knows and loves about me (right, Andy?). Due to the rarity of the occurrence, Andy didn't recognize my work number and screened my call. When he finally did pick up, he was psyched to hear from me.

4:54 p.m. Karma works fast! Two hours after I dropped the L-bomb, I received a Pinkberry delivery (my fave!) at work -- courtesy of Andy.


The Kind Deed: Pay his parking ticket

8:11 a.m. When I saw his $65 parking ticket on the car, I was pissed. But remembering my pledge, I grabbed the ticket and paid it -- sans lecture. I'd said I'd be nice, and paying someone's parking ticket ranks high on the niceness scale.


The Kind Deed: Make a playlist for his iPod

8:47 p.m. Unfortunately, this one was a flop. I mean, he thanked me and all, but it was kind of like when he pretended to like the sweater his mom got him for Christmas. Humph.


The Kind Deed: Replace his cell phone

6:49 p.m. Andy's cell has been on the fritz for a while, so I surprised him with a new one. And unlike last night's doozy, it was a home run!

11:58 p.m. Okay, I'm glad Andy's into his new gadget and all, but I'm starting to get jealous.


The Kind Deed: Stock the fridge

11:22 a.m.

I decided to fill our fridge with Andy's favorite foods: frozen pizzas, guacamole and chips, beer and bacon. And you know how they say, “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? “They" are right!


The Kind Deed: Pimp out the man cave

11:45 a.m.

I call Andy's office the “man cave" because it's a mess of papers, empty cans, crumb-filled plates and hats. So for my last kind act, I gave it a makeover (think: manly but clean and organized). I'm pretty sure it was a success, because Andy hasn't left the man cave since.

Andy Says…

Oh, so the whole time, I thought Kristin was just trying to be sweet -- but it was all just for a story, huh? But seriously, I definitely noticed how extra-sweet she was being, and it may have inspired me to do nice things in return. Plus, getting the royal treatment was pretty great. So, can you guys assign her more stories like this?