The Nest Guide to Beer Glasses

Photo: Photo: Spiegelau / The Nest

Planning a get together sans solo cups? For a classier alternative to that red college staple, we suggest investing in new beer glasses. A recent beer tasting with Spiegelau opened our eyes to the difference a mere glass makes. Not only can glasses change the appearance of your drink, but the taste of the brew can be affected as well. Read on for three of our top lager lessons…

1) Chances are, the classic glasses you get from your corner bartender aren't the best in terms of quality. Beer needs to have room to breathe, similar to what they teach you about wine. To be on the safe side, stay away from thick, stackable glasses.

2) Find a glass that allows more foam to rest at the top of the drink. Higher quality glasses maintain the temperature of the beer for a longer period of time, resulting in colder brews and happier patrons.

3) Classic beer glasses often give beer a bitter taste. By avoiding clunky glasses, you can stop stifling your beer and allow it to have the optimum lightness and purity it was created to have.

Searching for a gift for the beer connoisseur in your life? If anything, we suggest testing out Spiegelau's set. While you're at it, ditch those solo cups too.

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