Nesties Confess: 5 Shocking Holiday Truths, Revealed 2011 Holiday survey reveals that y’all are having tons of sex and are still hot for the royal couple, even after all this time. Read on for more shocking holiday facts about Nesties!

Nestie Holiday Fact #1: When Temperatures Plummet Outside, the Heat In the Bedroom Escalates!

Looking for a way to relieve holiday stress? Do what one in six of your fellow Nesties are doing during the holiday season, according to The Nest 2011 Holiday Survey: Get it on! Yep, most Nesties confess to having just as much sex as usual during the holidays ('tis the season to be jolly indeed). In fact, only 8% of the group we polled say they actually have less sex this time of year. That's the spirit!

Nestie Holiday Fact #2: You Want to Have Tea and Crumpets with the Royal Couple – Still!

More than half of the Nesties who took our poll would rather spend the holidays with adorable William and Kate than with Anderson Cooper, the Kardashian family (not a shocker) or Ryan Gosling (a huge shocker! We mean, really? Ryan?!).

Nestie Holiday Fact #3: Not One Single, Solitary Hubby Takes the Lead in Gift Shopping

Okay, this one is not so surprising. But guys, c'mon! 73% of your ladies are spearheading the notoriously stressful holiday shopping rigmarole. We hope you dudes are at least driving and carrying the heavy packages!

Nestie Holiday Fact #4: Mom and Dad Still Host – for Now

Maybe it's because you don't really have the space yet, or maybe it's because the idea of cooking for a party of 12 makes you weak in the knees. But the reality is 56% of you ladies spend the holidays at your familes' places, and 46% spend it with the in-laws. (In case you're wondering, 27% of the brave souls who took our poll will actually take on turkey duty this year.) Well, we commend you for getting out of that chore – but we hope you're at least doing some Thanksgiving baking!

Nestie Holiday Fact #5: It's More Than 15 Times Harder to Buy Gifts for In-Laws Than for Neighbors

Yes, the in-law issue is always daunting – but when we put it this way, it seems like Mission Impossible: 5 (yes, we're counting the fourth installment, out this year). Stay tuned for our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, which includes gifts your in-laws will love – all under $50.

So, how do you feel about the holidays: Merry or meh?