The Nest Team Pets

You love your furbabies...and so do we! Check out our gallery of our precious pets, and send yours to so we can feature them too!
  1. Chloe

    This cutie belongs to our Photo Editor, Rebecca Kimmons.

    Fun fact: Chloe likes to “sing” and chew on sweatshirt strings.

  2. Tyler

    This good-lookin’ guy lives with Public Relations Director Jacalyn Lee.

    Fun fact: He was the ring bearer at Jacalyn’s wedding. Other fun fact? He tweets! (Follow him at

  3. Becks

    Associate Public Relations Manager Nicole Dombrowski is the proud mama of this adorable Lab/pit bull rescue.

    Fun fact: He snores “like a grown man.”

  4. Baby Frehley

    Sr. Copywriter Elana Conover says: “Shih tzus are amazing!” And who wouldn’t come to that conclusion after cuddling with this guy?

    Fun fact: He’s named after Ace Frehley, from KISS. (Baby was the name he came with when they rescued him.)

  5. Paisley

    This sweetie pie belongs to Deputy Site Director Sharon Stimpfle.

    Fun fact: When Paisley isn’t carving her name into her favorite scratching post (or coming down from her catnip high), she likes to spend her time darting from window to window in her apartment, making the most of her bird’s-eye view.

  6. Bruce Wayne

    This cutie pup belongs to Susan Waits, the Executive Assistant to Carley Roney, our EIC. (Here he is greeting his new neighbors!)

    Fun fact: He was the pup on The Knot’s Summer 2010 cover! “I am a veritable stage mom,” says Susan.

  7. Presley

    He’s mine! Have you seen anything cuter? (Okay, so maybe I’m biased.)

    Fun fact: When he’s not darting around with his brother (Max) and cousins (Lucy and Goonie), he’s chasing after anything that moves. And I mean anything.