Are Opposing Political Views Ruining Your Relationship?

Photo: Veer / The Nest

You're early to rise; he sleeps through the alarm. You prefer your coffee black; he enjoys cream and sugar. While your personal preferences may differ, contrasting quirks just ensure the age-old adage that opposites attract…or do they?

This month's presidential debates have proved their significance in dividing voters. But what about those voters who happen to live under the same roof? Disagreement over cereal choices is one thing (Chex! No, Fruity Pebbles!), but clashing political viewpoints is quite another when it comes to a healthy relationship. While it's easy not to see eye to eye with your in-laws, how do marriages fare when dissenting political views come into play? Readers over at weighed in:

“We agree on some issues, but butt heads on others." — mrs. Remy

“He's definitely come over to my side much more since we've been together." — KathrynMD

“We feel strongly about different issues, but our core beliefs are the same." — meghann1046

“We have very similar views. I think I've influenced DH more, because I don't think he ever really thought in-depth about it before the end of college." — Cooper81

“I think as long as you agree to disagree, it totally can work. If my husband had different views on moral issues I consider important and that might affect our marriage, then that would be a different scenario." — white318

“We agree to disagree on politics. I figure as long as we agree on moral and religious beliefs, the rest is water under the bridge." — srgw

“I think it's vital to have similar moral views — especially if you're going to have children. For most couples, I think this leads them to similar political positions." — R.Wilsonny+

We're curious: Is it important to you that you and your partner's political views mesh? Have contrasting opinions affected your relationship?