Third Presidential Debate: Nesties & Celebs Weigh In


Last night, the final debate leading up to the 2012 presidential election in November took place between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The candidates focused on foreign policy, prompting discussion of Israel, economics, and even the occasional bayonet.

During the debates, many of you took to Twitter and our message boards to sound off on the candidates' remarks. Here, we've rounded up a sampling of thoughts from our message boards and celebrity Tweets.

Message board thoughts:

“I 100% thought Obama 'won.' I can't imagine Romney being effective around the world after that performance. Honestly, it was as if he were reciting a book report." – missymo

“It's like Romney was trying to assure us that he'd read the Wikipedia page on each country." – CoffeeBeen

“The President failed to make a case or defend his policies, period. All he could do was insult Gov. Romney but as Romney said, 'personal attacks are not an agenda.'" – catsareniice1

“I was pretty irritated with both of them for not keeping on topic. Again, I wasn't impressed with either of them by the end of the debate. Just annoyed." – FezzesAreCool

Our fave celeb Tweets:

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