Simple Tips to Throwing an Earth Day Fete

Here are five tips to throwing an all-eco-friendly Earth Day party.


Any excuse to throw a get together is a good one in our book, so this year, we're hosting an Earth Day bash! Who cares if you're still attempting to separate the plastics from the glass in your recycling bin; or you've got a million composting DIY's on Piterest. Here's how you can harness your (eco)energy and throw an all-green fete for Mother Nature.


Tip 1: Decorate With Nature

We wanted to go as 'green' as possible, so we used a fun Mexican pack blanket to set a festive mood and fallen palm fronds as place settings. The table was set using the most green material of all--materials we already owned! Hint: The ultimate recycler makes something new out of something they already own, so don't be afraid to get creative with your tablescape.


Tip 2: Accent Simply

A Mexican blanket and palm frond are the easiest route to a green table, but what about the rest? We suggest keeping it simple with handmade ceramic dinnerware and coasters made from sustainable wood. Easy linen napkins in laid-back stripes add the finishing touch to your guest's settings.


Tip 3: Go the Potluck Route

Potlucks are an easy favorite when it comes to hosting perspective, so we invited friends with the caveat they had to bring an organic or local dish. Soup, salad or whatever preferred, it just had to be homemade and as Earth-friendly as possible. Trust us, it's easier than you think.


Tip 4: Try Infused

As simple as it sounds, you can make your beverages greener by serving infused filtered water. By skipping the filtration plant and DIY-ing it yourself at home with a quick, personalized water filter, your drinks will be instantly more friendly to Mme. Nature. We love a combination of mint leaves and sliced strawberries -- it's so refreshing you and your guests won't be able to help but drink up.


Tip 5: Pair Organically

The only beverage better than your infused water is a nice bottle of chilled organic wine. Check out this all-green wine merchant to maintain some very green beverages.


No matter how you celebrate, take a moment to appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer. A simple walk, opening of the windows, or even picking veggies from the garden will put you in awe of the magic that is our beautiful Earth. Happy Earth Day!

Photography by Belen Aquino