9 Bad Habits to Kick -- Now!

Nail biting? Smoking? Skimping on Sleep? Whatever your habit, learn how to (finally!) kick it in 2012!

Find your tough habit (or habits) below and get tips and tricks for ending it, once and for all!

How to Stop Smoking

This year, resolve to live a longer, healthier smoke-free life. Whether it's your first or hundredth attempt at quitting, follow these tips to make it your last.

Stop smoking -- today!

How to Stop Skimping on Sleep

The 5 best ways to get your much-needed shut-eye.

Improve your sleeping habits!

How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Tips chewed to bits? Make your mom proud and stop using your fingers as chew toys this year.

Quit biting your nails!

How to Stop Making Impulse Purchases

Here, 5 ways to stop your spending (and start saving!) your hard-earned money.

Put an end to impulse spending!

How to Stop Being Late

Here, 5 steps to getting places on time.

Be on time!

How to Stop Being Too Tired for Sex

Top 5 ways to get your sex life back on track.

Rev up your sex life!

How to Stop Sabotaging Each Other's Weight-Loss Goals

When it comes to eating right and exercising, it's all about teamwork.

Support each other!

How to Kill Your Clutter Habit

Fight back against clutter chaos with these ten simple strategies.

Just say "no" to clutter!

How to Ditch Your Post-Fight Gabfest

A lovers' spat is one drama you should not save for your mama (or your pals). If you head straight for the phone after a fight to bitch to anyone who will listen, it's time to break the habit. Here's why.

Find out how it's hurting your relationship!