Treat Your Pooch To One Of These Unbelievable Doghouses On National Puppy Day

dog house
Photo: Pinterest

Sometimes, man's best friend deserves a little more than a bone on National Puppy Day. We know that dog lovers looooove to spoil their pups on the daily, but are they ready to give their dog a home that may come with a bigger mortgage than their own?

We've rounded up five of the most luxurious pieces of puppy real estate we've ever seen for your viewing pleasure -- but if your dog isn't part of the 1%, it may not be in your best interest to show the pictures to him or her for jealousy's sake. A bone or a stylish new sweater will do just fine.

  1. Mediterranean Doghouse

    Photo by Instagram

    A two-story Mediterranean-style doghouse is perfect for stylish dogs who love to entertain.

  2. Fish Tank Doghouse

    Photo by Instagram

    This fish tank doghouse might keep your pup awake for hours based on how cool it is -- and we wouldn't judge you for joining in, either.

  3. Sun Deck Dog House

    Photo by Instagram

    Are owners allowed on the top of this modern dog house to tan?

  4. Colonial Doghouse

    Photo by Instagram

    If your pup has an affinity for the fine arts and reading, perhaps a doghouse with Colonial architecture would be a good choice.

  5. Castle Doghouse

    Photo by Instagram

    Only dogs of noble blood are allowed in this castle doghouse -- complete with a moat and a turret, naturally.