Budget Makeover: At-Home Spa

bathtub with candles
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Take a cue from your favorite spa and create a sophisticated and relaxing bathroom right at home. All it takes is a few key elements to revamp your bath style.
  1. Remove Doors

    Photo by Chris Everard / The Nest

    It may sound crazy, but removing your shower door and opening the space will give an airy and spa-like feel to your loo. A refreshing palette of blues and greens suggests cleanliness and freshness and fosters a tranquil atmosphere of spareness and simplicity.

  2. Add Candles

    Photo by Andrew Chester Ong of Skylights / The Nest

    Whether for the day or night, candlelight always creates a serene mood. Simply place a set of tall tapers in your bathroom for a romantic and relaxing vibe.

  3. Use Neutral Tones

    Photo by EMI INterior Design / The Nest

    Make your bathroom a soothing and personal space with neutral tiles and sepia-toned photos. Even simple photos look chic when framed and hung uniformly over the tub. A plush rug draped over the tub keeps the bathroom floor clutter-free.

  4. Hang a Curtain

    Photo by Behr / The Knot

    If your bathtub is the focal point of your bathroom, make it a feminine and luxurious feature by hanging a luxe chandelier and replacing your traditional shower curtain with a romantic, flowing canopy curtain.

  5. Swap Out Your Sink

    Photo by David Young Wolff / The Nest

    Any bowl can instantly be made into a vessel sink that looks high-end. This simple ceramic model is mounted on a wooden countertop with a single faucet. Can't renovate? Check out these seven ideas to improve a rental bathroom.

  6. Decorate with Shells

    Photo by Dominique Vorillon, Courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing / The Nest

    Bring a laid-back, beachy ocean feel to your bathroom by decorating with starfish and shells. First line the room with shallow shelving and then paint everything a refreshingly cool blue. Install a rain showerhead to complete the transformation.

  7. Try a Trough-Style Sink

    Photo by David Young Wolff / The Nest

    If your bathroom is large, keep the look modern and sleek with an extra-long sink that accommodates two instead of a his-and-hers model. The Zen-like feeling continues to the shower with a floor-to-ceiling glass stall and pebble floor.

  8. Display Pretty Toiletries

    Photo by Molly Luetkeymeyer / The Nest

    Spas often have terry towel accessories (personalize your toiletry bag as an extra touch) and other pampering treats, so use this easy trick in your bathroom. Pick up a few specialty soaps and pretty bath gels and group with coral on a mirrored tray.

  9. Hang a Seaside Mural

    Photo by Christopher Coleman / The Nest

    This seascaped bathroom looks like the perfect place to unwind after a long, stressful day. Even if you live in an urban area, a large wallpaper mural of waves will turn your bathroom into a seaside retreat.

  10. Bring in Botanicals

    Photo by Christopher Coleman / The Nest

    Turn your shower into a natural oasis with a large leaf or a few eucalyptus branches. When your shower is on, it'll be a steamy and refreshing experience. The organic feel of this bathroom is enhanced by the leaf print and the neutral tones of the tile.